Formation of Companies & Revision of Contracts

Our law firm handles formation of companies, drafting of constitution of companies, revision and amendment of contracts and agreements of all sorts. Therefore, our legal services are not exclusively for arbitration or litigations service alone, but also include, conveyancing, franchising, leasing, procurement and drawing up sales contracts. This is in addition to assisting with bank funding procedures, bidding, licenses, investment agreements, and other commercial transactions. This is, of course, in addition to recognizing our remarkable experience with negotiable instruments in business and our knowledge of and abidance by provisions of the applicable Saudi commercial regulations of good governance In connection with this, our law firm has availed itself of highly qualified, well-trained lawyers to legally draft texts in connection with various types of negotiable instruments and to handle disputes regarding these, to ensure that such texts are drawn up in accordance with the applicable legal requirements from the Ministry of Commerce, in Saudi Arabia.