(a). Arbitration

Our Arbitration practice team is headed by Dr. Fahad Alrefaei, provides innovative, tailor-made solutions to serve each client’s specific needs. Our legal consultants are highly professionals, responsive, and effective. Dr. Fahad Alrefaei has many years of experience in dealing with industry related disputes in Saudi Arabia. He has represented clients in the Middle East countries, particularly, in Dubai and Rabat. He is the Deputy Secretary General of the Arab Union for International Commercial Arbitration, member of the GCE Commercial Arbitration Centre (Kingdom of Bahrain) and the representative of the Rabat Center for International Arbitration and Arbitration in the Middle East.

We help Clients:

  • Drafting/ amending of arbitration agreement.
  • Selecting the appropriate location and process.
  • Representation at arbitration hearings and enforcement proceedings.


(b). Alternative Means to Resolving Disputes

We help clients to resolve their disputes in cases where arbitration or litigation considered costly or incomplete with the nature of the dispute and the relationships in place. Our lawyers have the necessary training and experience in resolving disputes through conciliation and mediation. These experiences include, but not limited to: disputes of investment – transportation –construction –financial disputes –navy – aviation –and all disputes relating to business locally, regionally and internationally. Our lawyers and advisors enjoy paramount and long experience in arbitration and conciliation under the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris (ICC) and London Chamber of Arbitration (LCA).